Instituto da Próstata Team

At the Instituto da Próstata, our specialist doctors have huge experience of urinary tract pathologies.

Our team of doctors, technicians and assistants provide care from the first contact to post-treatment.

Meet our team of trained medical professionals.

Dr. Sandro Gaspar

Specialist in Urology

Dr. Paulo Pé Leve

Specialist in Urology, dedicated especially to Female Urology/Uro-gynecology and Functional Urology/Neuro-urology

Dr. Afonso Castro

Specialist in Urology

Dr. Álvaro Nunes

Specialist in Urology, dedicated especially to Sexual Medicine

Dr. Miguel Fernandes


Dr. João Ascensão


Dra. Ana Matos Pires

Specialist in Psychiatry

Dr. André Mansinho

Specialist in Oncology

Prof. Dr. Pedro Fernandes

Specialist in Orthopedics

Dr. Rúben Nogueira

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Joan Cortina

Specialist Prostate Cancer Radiotherapist

Dra. Alice Cabral Lopes

Specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Dra. Paula Martins

Specialist in Paediatrics

Dra. Ana Moniz

Adolescent and Adult Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Susana Ferreira


Fátima Mendes


Inês Bento

Clinical Secretary

Mafalda Pires

Clinical Secretary

Patrícia Monteiro

Clinical Secretary

Patient and Relative Testimonials

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After a high PSA test, a biopsy confirmed the worst scenario – prostate cancer. Dr. José Santos Dias calmed my nerves about the treatments and the prognosis. I did the right treatment at the right time, because I was lucky to find the right doctor. I did brachytherapy ... and returned to living life normally... cancer free. It’s a marvel of technology and science.

RFJ, 68 years old

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I couldn’t believe it when my incontinence disappeared!! If you’ve never had it, it’s hard to know what bladder leakage feels like. Thanks to the talents of Dr. José Santos Dias, I had a small operation and was able to return home on the same day. The problem was over after a day. Thank you so much.

JVS, 73 years old

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Dr. José Santos Dias is the most compassionate and caring doctor I’ve ever met. He’s been looking after my father for many years.

DSL, 42 years old

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I couldn’t have found a better and more compassionate doctor than Dr. José Santos Dias. Thank you for curing me and caring for me during this long battle.

ADM, 74 years old

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At the Instituto da Prostata I found a technically competent team that was very up-to-date with new treatments.

HPS, 66 years old

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Thanks to prostate brachytherapy at the Instituto da Próstata my serious disease was cured.

JTA, 65 years old

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Dr. José Santos Dias is not just a doctor. He’s now my friend.

PSC, 68 years old

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My life changed after laser treatment with Dr. José Santos Dias. I didn’t have any more sleepless nights. I could travel again with my wife without worrying about getting to a toilet on time. All the issues that made life unbearable went away.

CDR, 64 years old

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Dr. José Santos Dias has been my doctor for over 10 years. He cured me of prostate cancer and I’d like to thank him for the fact that I barely remember having had it.

MPS, 72 years old

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