About the Instituto da Próstata

At the Instituto da Próstata, we diagnose and treat patients with urological issues. We offer all existing exam and treatment techniques for every clinical situation.

Where can you find us?

Rua Castilho, nº 71, 1º Esq.
1250-068 Lisbon

Contact details

(+351) 21 386 4114 (Landline local call)
(+351) 21 386 3739 (Landline local call)

Where can you find us?

Located in the center of Lisbon, the Instituto da Próstata can be reached by car, metro, or bus.

There are several parking lots in the area. You can park near the Instituto at the Centro Comercial Castil (Castil Building, accessed via Rua Castilho, 39, slightly below the Instituto) or the Ritz Hotel (access via Rua Castilho, 77). Paid parking is also available along Rua Castilho and surrounding streets (EMEL). We recommend parking on Rua Castilho near Parque Eduardo VII (i.e., north of Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar), where there are generally more parking spaces than further south. Alternatively, you can park on the southern part of Rua Castilho, past the intersection with Rua Braamcamp (closer to the Altis Hotel).

The nearest Metro station to the Instituto da Próstata is Marquês de Pombal (exit towards Rua Braancamp or Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar).

There are several bus stops for various Carris bus lines near the Instituto da Próstata (203, 702, 711, 712, 713, 723, 736, 742, 746, 748, 753, 1704, 1716, 1723, 1724, 1726, 1730, among others that stop at the Marquês de Pombal roundabout).

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