Request a Second Medical Opinion

Request a Second Medical Opinion

  • Prostate cancer
  • Benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Incontinence
  • Blood in the urine
  • Lithiasis and renal colic
  • Prolapses of pelvic organs

Request a second medical opinion.
We offer in-person, telephone and videocall consultations.


    It is important that patients with diseases like prostate cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or any other have access to all the existing information so they can choose the best treatment for their particular case. In most cases, more than one therapy is possible. The countless sources of information available, especially online, are not always reliable or intelligible. Patients may feel “lost” and unsure of the best solution. Sometimes, it is not even possible to understand what elements should be considered to underscore a certain decision or treatment. They are often, therefore, faced with dilemmas they cannot resolve.

    Doubts may exist relative to:

    • Prostate cancer screening, early diagnosis of the disease, issues that “the prostate” may cause, how diseases of this organ should be diagnosed, when prostate tests should be done, the relationship between the prostate and sex, and what the best treatment for prostate cancer or enlargement is;
    • The ability or willingness of doctors to explain all aspects involved in a treatment decision;
    • In some other cases, empathy towards patients may not be ideal or patients may not feel comfortable or safe with certain guidance given by their doctors.

    Often, therefore, a second opinion from another doctor is required.

    In these cases, it is essential to seek doctors that have a lot of experience in treating the disease in question, are knowledgeable and experienced in the treatment and monitoring of patients, have treated patients for many years but who are also up to date and abreast of the latest methods related to the diseases in question.

    At the Instituto da Próstata, you will find professionals who have all of these characteristics in relation to the diseases of these organs.

    Dr. José Santos Dias

    Clinical Director of the Instituto da Próstata

    • Bacherlor's Degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lisbon
    • Specialist in Urology
    • Fellow of the European Board of Urology
    • Autor dos livros "Tudo o que sempre quis saber Sobre Próstata", "Urologia fundamental na Prática Clínica", "Urologia em 10 minutos","Casos Clínicos de Urologia" e "Protocolos de Urgência em Urologia"

    Online or Face-to-Face Appointments

    Given the current constraints due to the covid-19 pandemic and with the concern and safety of our patients uppermost, we continue to offer face-to-face consultations while also providing continual support over the phone and online (by video or phone call). In this way, we can continue to provide the same excellent care our patients are used to… without leaving home!

    How Can I Request an Appointment?

    Fill our form with your data and send us an appointment request.
    The Instituto da Próstata team will contact you to confirm your preferred date.
    Visit the Instituto da Próstata or receive a link in your email for your videocall appointment. Or talk to your doctor by telephone consultation.

    Patient and Relative Testimonials

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    After a high PSA test, a biopsy confirmed the worst scenario – prostate cancer. Dr. José Santos Dias calmed my nerves about the treatments and the prognosis. I did the right treatment at the right time, because I was lucky to find the right doctor. I did brachytherapy ... and returned to living life normally... cancer free. It’s a marvel of technology and science.

    RFJ, 68 years old

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    I couldn’t believe it when my incontinence disappeared!! If you’ve never had it, it’s hard to know what bladder leakage feels like. Thanks to the talents of Dr. José Santos Dias, I had a small operation and was able to return home on the same day. The problem was over after a day. Thank you so much.

    JVS, 73 years old

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    Dr. José Santos Dias is the most compassionate and caring doctor I’ve ever met. He’s been looking after my father for many years.

    DSL, 42 years old

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    I couldn’t have found a better and more compassionate doctor than Dr. José Santos Dias. Thank you for curing me and caring for me during this long battle.

    ADM, 74 years old

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    At the Instituto da Prostata I found a technically competent team that was very up-to-date with new treatments.

    HPS, 66 years old

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    Thanks to prostate brachytherapy at the Instituto da Próstata my serious disease was cured.

    JTA, 65 years old

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    Dr. José Santos Dias is not just a doctor. He’s now my friend.

    PSC, 68 years old

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    My life changed after laser treatment with Dr. José Santos Dias. I didn’t have any more sleepless nights. I could travel again with my wife without worrying about getting to a toilet on time. All the issues that made life unbearable went away.

    CDR, 64 years old

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    Dr. José Santos Dias has been my doctor for over 10 years. He cured me of prostate cancer and I’d like to thank him for the fact that I barely remember having had it.

    MPS, 72 years old

    About the Instituto da Próstata

    At the Instituto da Próstata, we diagnose and treat patients with urological issues. We offer all existing exam and treatment techniques for every clinical situation.

    Where can you find us?

    Rua Castilho, nº 71, 1º Esq.
    1250-068 Lisbon

    Contact details

    (+351) 21 386 4114 (Landline local call)
    (+351) 21 386 3739 (Landline local call)
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